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Spin Clinics

In the summer months, Lake Area Independent hosts spin clinics in various locations to help young color guard performers enhance their skills before fall marching season and winter guard auditions begin. At our clinics, we offer classes in movement, flag, rifle, and sabre at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. These clinics are taught by the cast and staff members of Lake Area Independent - many of who have taught and performed with award-winning Bands of America groups, Open and World Class Drum Corps guards, and WGI finalist winter guards.

Upcoming Clinics:


SpinClinic337 is an educational program sponsored by Lake Area Independent to help further our mission of fostering positive experiences for all participating members of the color guard activity.

‚ÄčThere are two outlets for SpinClinic337 to help educate young color guard enthusiasts: educational videos posted to our YouTube channel and summer spin clinics. SpinClinic337 helps focus on fundamentals of body movement, flag, rifle, and sabre technique and then expand on those fundamentals to teach a new skill.

We have created a YouTube Playlist on our channel just for SpinClinic337 educational videos! We have videos on movement, flag, rifle, and sabre always in production so check often for new videos that we upload!