Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Lake Area Independent will be selling Yankee Candles just in time for the holiday season! Want a gift that will fill the room? Get a candle with a scent that will bring memories of the holidays!

​There are two ways you can purchase your Yankee Candles!

Option 1 - Order directly from a Lake Area Independent Member or contact Head Director Patrice Turner

  • ​​Orders are due by November 12th
  • Checks can be made out to Lake Area Independent

Option 2 - Order online

Follow the following instructions on how to order through our fundraiser online:

  • Step 1 - Go to www.yankeecandlefundraiser.com
  • Step 2 - Go to the "Start Shopping" block
  • ​Step 3 - Input group number (999976808) and member's Seller ID

  • Step 4 - Happy Shopping!

Our online store will be open until January 11th, 2018!!!  So enjoy shopping and supporting Lake Area Independent!

What will you find?  Check out various options of products that you'll have available to choose from!

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