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Mission Statement

Lake Area Independent Winterguard exists to foster positive experiences for all participating members by promoting educational clinics, creativity, and freedom of expression through unification of pageantry and performing arts.

What is Winter Guard?

"Winter guard is the sport of indoor color guard.  Modern color guard is a combination of the use of flags, sabers, mock rifles, and other equipment, as well as dance and other interpretive movement.  Color guards can be found in high schools, middle schools, some universities, and also some independent organizations, some of which are related to drum corps."​ - Winter Guard International

About Lake Area Independent

Lake Area Independent Winterguard is an award-winning performing arts color guard that is run by a group of directors from the months of September through April.  We also hold educational clinics during the summer months for high school and college students who elect to participate.

We are based out of Lake Charles, LA.  Our Organization is funded by membership fees, fundraising, charitable donations, and proceeds from the educational clinics we conduct.

We compete in the Louisiana-Mississippi Color Guard & Percussion Circuit and currently compete in the Independent World Class at WGI Sport of the Arts World Championships.

Organization History

Over the decades, independent winter guard groups have provided opportunities for young students in Louisiana to perform when they otherwise would not have had the chance. Lake Area Independent is another in a lineage of independent winter guards that is dedicated to bringing a quality performing arts education to young performers in the gulf coast region. Since its inaugural year in 2013, Lake Area Independent has been a home to color guard students that did not have a place of their own to spin.

In 2016, Lake Area Independent made the decision to not only provide a place for our members to learn and grow, but also a place where they can compete on a larger stage than just our local circuit and attend WGI Sport of the Arts World Championships. Since then, Lake Area Independent has made an effort to compete at multiple out-of-state regionals and attend World Championships.

​As long as there are students wanting work hard, push themselves, and dedicate themselves to raising the performance standard in our region, they will always have a home with Lake Area Independent.

• It may not have an address, but Lake Area will always be your home. •

History of Shows

2013 | Almost Lover | Independent A

2015 | 10 Years Later | Independent World

2016 | Monotony: Life on the Other Side | Independent World

2017 | Awakening | Independent World

2018 | The Art of Urban Gardening | Independent Open

2019 | Rebirth of Danu | Independent World